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NLM and NetWare Libraries for C (including CLIB and XPlat)

NLM and NetWare Libraries for C (including CLib and XPlat) consist of the core cross-platform files and NLMs required for NetWare and Windows platforms development. These libraries include the following:

  • File Libraries for C
  • Internationalization Libraries for C
  • Management Libraries for C
  • NLM Libraries for C
  • eDirectory® Libraries for C - for documentation see eDirectory Libraries for C.
  • Windows Client 32

In general, CLib is multiprocessor (MP) safe and LibC is MP enabled. For a more complete description of multi-processing, see the Readme and Multiprocessor Enabled/Safe in documentation.

NetWare® evaluation software is available from the NetWare product site.

For the new version of libraries, please visit OES Cross-Platform Libraries (Xplat) site.


Your use of these files is subject to the Novell Developer License Agreement unless different license terms accompany the file itself, in which case those terms govern.




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What's New

October 25, 2006

The following changes were made:


  • Removed \lib\win32\borland and \lib\win32\dll\w95 directories.
  • Added missing netwin32.dll and netwin32.lib files to the \lib\win32\dll\wnt32\ and \lib\win32\mscvc directories, respectively.
  • Removed \lib\win32\dll\mscvc\uni_xxx files. These are left over from previous NDKs and are no longer used by locwin32.dll.


  • No changes


  • No change


NLM and NetWare Libraries for C (including CLIB and XPlat)

To install and use NLM and NetWare Libraries for C, install the latest Novell Client.

For NLM development, also install the NetWare server version (along with the appropriate support packs) to which you will be developing.


This component is peer supported by the Novell developer community.

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