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Novell Cluster Services SDK

Novell Cluster Services® (NCS) enables a collection of individual network servers (a cluster) to work together to provide users highly available access to their critical network resources including data, applications, and other services.

The Cluster Services SDK supports resource information, node information, and control. You can use it online or offline to migrate resources, find out which nodes are in a cluster, return resource details, find resources based on load script information, and retrieve a list of cluster-enabled pools and volumes. The NetWare® 6 version is able to handle distributed locks and memory sharing.


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October 2007


  • Added NCS_ScanForNewDevices.
  • Added a note that all Unicode return values are UTF8 strings on Linux.


Novell Cluster Services SDK

Requirements for NetWare 5.1

Use the latest version of the NetWare 5.1 client, which has been tuned to operate in an NCS environment, and meets the following minimum prerequisites:

Requirements for NetWare 6.x

To implement NCS on NetWare 6.x servers, you must meet the following minimum prerequisites:


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