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Novell LDAP Extended Library

The Novell LDAP Extended Library (novell-ldapextd) is aimed at applications working with OpenLDAP SDK and wish to use some of Novell C LDAP SDK's additional features like, SSL related functionalities , Schema functionalities & LDAP Extensions.

This library(libnldapx) dynamically links to OpenLDAP SDK(libldap) for all basic SDK functionality and OpenSSL(libssl) present on platform and provides the below mentioned featuears on top of it:

  • SSL related functionalities : Novell LDAP Extended Library provides the APIs to setup the client SSL information which are not covered in the IETF draft. These APIs implement the intent of the draft and simplify the interface to the developer by providing functionalities like SSL bind , Interactive SSL.

  • Schema functionalities  : A set of APIs are provided to modify (add, delete) and fetch the schema from an eDirectory server over LDAP.

  • LDAP Extensions  : These are the LDAP extensions which support the special features of Novell eDirectory such as replication, partitioning and events. The availability of these operations are subject to the specific implementation of the LDAP Server .

This library is useful for :

Application developers who desire to write applications to access, manage, update, and search information stored in Novell eDirectory and other LDAP-aware directories using OpenLDAP SDKs and also wants to use Novell C LDAP SDK's additional features like LDAP extensions, interactive SSL and Schema functionalities.

It also helps the application(s) built using Novell's C LDAP SDK completely to move to OpenLDAP SDK.





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