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NSS Auditing SDK


The NSS Auditing SDK provides an API framework that applications can use to be alerted of OES NSS file system, OES NCP engine, and OES CIFS engine activities related to file and directory events. The APIs in this SDK interface with the NSS Auditing engine (known as 'vigil').

Note: The auditing features associated with this SDK were introduced in Novell OES2 SP2. These features are not compatible with Novell NetWare or Novell OES versions previous to OES2 SP2.


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OES 2015: (Backward compatible with OES2 SP3)
novell-vigil-devel-1.8.0-0.31.39.x86_64 RPM
novell-vigil-libs-1.8.0-0.31.39.x86_64 RPM
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