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OES 2015 Developer Suite

Novell's latest release of OES, OES 2015, unveils new features and functionality changes, including:

  • SMBv2 support in Novell CIFS
  • Support for NSS volumes which exceed 16 TB
  • Integrated Active Directory support (along with continued eDirectory support)
  • DFS Junction Management

In order to support features that have been introduced in OES 2015, various NDK components have been refreshed. For some NDK components, new APIs have been introduced. In other cases, existing APIs have been improved to encompass the new OES 2015 features.

As a Developer/Partner, Novell encourages you to download OES 2015 and begin testing your software on the OES 2015 platform.

This Developer Suite associates NDK components that should be considered when developing to OES 2015.

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