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Storage Management Services (SMS) is an API framework that backup applications consume in order to provide a complete backup solution on NetWare®, Open Enterprise Server (OES)® and SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server (SLES). Some important properties of this framework include:
  • SMS exposes a single consistent interface across all file systems and applications on all supported platforms. Thus, backup applications written to this API can work with NSS, GroupWise®, or Novell iFolder®.
  • SMS ensures backward compatibility at all times even while adding new features or interfaces. This enables backup applications to continue to work with newer SMS versions even as they upgrade their feature set.

The SMS framework is implemented by two main components:

  • Storage Management Data Requestor (SMDR)
  • Target Service Agent (TSA)
SMDR defines the API framework and a TSA provides an implementation of the API for a particular target.


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