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Virtual File Services

Virtual File Services describes how to access the _Admin volume on a NetWare® 6.0 and later server, or on a Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux or NetWare. It uses XML to do RPC type functionality with any programming language with XML parsing/wrapping capabilities.

Virtual File Services is useful for Novell Storage Services (NSS) management and statistics.

NetWare evaluation software is available from the NetWare product site.

Novell eDirectory™ evaluation software is available from the eDirectory product site.


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What's New

December 2008


No changes.


  • Added the Statistics section in Chapter 1, Basic Concepts (page 15).
  • Added the noAccessTime enabled to the modifyVolumeInfo in the Chapter 2, manage.cmd Definitions (page 27).
  • Added an action variable in the listFileEvents section of the Chapter 6, FileEvents.xml Definitions (page 403).
  • Added addPool, addVolume, poolUpdate, getVolumeInfo, and resetIDs section in the Chapter 9, linux.cmd Definitions (page 463).


No changes.


Virtual File Services

Virtual File Services for NetWare requires NetWare 6 or later.


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