View SIEM.public.esec_display_rpt_v
Contains a list of all event fields, including their name, whether they are populated with data by the mapping service, and other details related to the field.

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Implied relationships
Excluded column relationships
< n > number of related tables
Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
display_object varchar 32  √  null The parent object of the property
tag varchar 255  √  null The native tag name of the property
label varchar 255  √  null The display string of tag.
position int4 10  √  null Position of tag within display.
width int4 10  √  null The column width
alignment int4 10  √  null The horizontal alignment
format int4 10  √  null The enumerated formatter for displaying the property
enabled bool 1  √  null TRUE Indicates that the tag is shown.
type int4 10  √  null Indicates datatype of tag: 1-string, 2-ULONG,3-date, 4-uuid, 5-ipv4
description varchar 2048  √  null Textual description of the tag
date_created timestamptz 35,6  √  null Date the entry was created
date_modified timestamptz 35,6  √  null Date the entry was modified
created_by int4 10  √  null User who created object
modified_by int4 10  √  null User who last modified object
ref_config varchar 4000  √  null Referential data configuration

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