Table SIEM.public.vuln_scan_vuln
Associates which vulnerabilities were found during a particular scan operation.

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
scan_id uuid 2147483647
vuln_scan.scan_id vuln_scan_vuln_scan_vuln_fk R
Vulnerability scan identifier
vuln_id uuid 2147483647
vuln.vuln_id vuln_vuln_scan_vuln_fk R
Vulnerability identifier
date_created timestamptz 35,6 Date the entry was created
date_modified timestamptz 35,6 Date the entry was modified
created_by int4 10  √  null User who created object
modified_by int4 10  √  null User who last modified object

Table contained 0 rows at Mon Mar 26 23:24 EDT 2012

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
scan_id + vuln_id Primary key Asc/Asc vuln_scan_vuln_pk
vuln_id Performance Asc vuln_scan_vuln_vuln_id_idx

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