Correlation - Get Correlation Engines


Supported Methods


This API gets all correlation engines.


Authentication Types
Sentinel Permissions Needed

URL Parameters


Success Codes

Fault Codes

Response Data

Object type: Correlation engine object list.
All existing correlation engines in the Sentinel system
activeThis is a boolean value. If true, the engine is started, otherwise it is stopped.
engineIdThis is the unique identifier of the Correlation engine.
enginenameThis is the name of the Correlation engine.
enginesThe list of Correlation engine object.
healthThe health data of the Correlation engine.
hostipHost ip of the engine.
hostnameHost name of the engine.
idleThis is a boolean value. If true, the engine is not reachable and unable to process any request.

Response Data

Object type: Correlation engine health object.
Correlation engine health object.
AverageProcessingTimeThe average time to press the deployed rules.
EPSCapacityThe processing time the Correlation Engine consumes relative to the capacity of the engine.
ProcessedCountThe number of events processed by the deployed rules since they were deployed.
StatusDurationThis indicates the duration (in milliseconds) the engine is in its present state.

Sample Request

GET correlation/engines
Sample Response for application/json
Status: 200