Correlation - Stop Correlation Rule Test


Supported Methods


This API stops execution of a correlation rule test specified by {id}.


Authentication Types
Sentinel Permissions Needed

URL Parameters


Success Codes

Fault Codes

Response Data

Object type: Correlation rule test object
Correlation rule test object along with status of rule test and trigger events
CardinalityNumber of strings and related structures held in memory by the rule.
endTimeEnd time for event search.
EPSCapacityThe processing time this rule consumes relative to the capacity of the engine.
errorMessageError message if any. Will get in case of stauts Stopped and Error.
EventRefCountNumber of events held in memory by the rule.
eventsProcessedNumber of events processed.
LastEventTimeEvent time of the last event that triggered the Correlation rule while testing.
luceneFilterLucene expression for event search.
OutputRateThe number of times the rule has fired relative to the events processed.
percentCompleteCurrent level of percentage of overall test.
progressPhasePhase the test is currently in. e.g. 1-Searching event, 2-Testing rule.
rulelgCorrelation expression to be tested.
startTimeBegin time for event search.
statusCurrent state of test. e.g. Running, Stopped, Completed, Error.
testFinishedAtTime, rule test finished at.
testIdID generated for this test.
testStartedAtTime, rule test started at.
TotalProcessingTimeTotal time taken for processing events.
triggersList of events triggering this correlation rule.

Sample Request

DELETE correlation/ruletest/84BEC330-C575-102E-A847-000FFEE403E9
Sample Response for application/json
Status: 200
{"rulelg":"filter(((e.EventName = "CreateEventSource")) AND ((e.Message match regex (".*EMPTYTZ.*"))))","startTime":1316409588646,"endTime":1316499588000,"luceneFilter":"sev:[0 TO 5]","testId":"84BEC330-C575-102E-A847-000FFEE403E9","progressPhase":1,"percentComplete":2,"status":"stopped","eventsProcessed":0,"LastEventTime":0,"testStartedAt":1316496024393,"TotalProcessingTime":0,"EPSCapacity":0,"OutputRate":0,"testFinishedAt":1316496025773,"Cardinality":0,"EventRefCount":0,"triggers":[]}