Data Sync - Get Data Synced-To State


Supported Methods


This gets the sync state for a data sync policy. There is also an API to get extended sync status, documented <a target="_top" href="Get Extended Data Sync Status">here</a>.


Authentication Types
Sentinel Permissions Needed

Supported Formats


URL Parameters


Success Codes

Fault Codes

Response Data

Object type: Data sync status
This is the sync status for a data sync policy.
completedToPartitionAll partitions with partition numbers that are less than or equal to this number have completed syncing.
lastResyncIdThis is the UUID that identifies the last resync event that has occurred for this policy. NOTE: This field will not be present if no resyncs have ever occurred.
latestEventTimeThis is the time of the latest event read while syncing. It is specified in milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 (UTC). NOTE: This does NOT mean that ALL events prior to this date/time have been synced. Events with earlier times may still be read and synced.
policyIdThis is the UUID of the data sync policy.
startDateTimeThis is the time that the data sync started from. It is specified in milliseconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 (UTC).

Sample Request

GET /status/102B21D0-BE9B-102D-83DB-001A6B6D3CF6
Sample Response for application/json
Status: 200
{&#10;"policyId": "102B21D0-BE9B-102D-83DB-001A6B6D3CF6",{&#10;""startDateTime": "1288177541000",{&#10;""syncedToDateTime": "1288177582000",{&#10;""lastResyncId": "102DDCC2-BE9B-332D-83DB-0017543D3CF6"{&#10;"}&#10;