Data Sync - Get Event Field Definitions


Supported Methods


This gets information for all fields currently available in events.


Authentication Types
Sentinel Permissions Needed

Supported Formats


URL Parameters


Success Codes

Fault Codes

Response Data

Object type: Event Definitions
A collection of Event Definitions
EventFieldDefThis is an array of <B>&lt;Event Field Definition&gt;</B> objects. See below for a description of fields in Event Field Definition objects.

Response Data

Object type: Event Definitions
Event Definition details
columnSizeThis is the maximum number of characters needed to store this field in the database. NOTE: This is only applicable to event fields whose default SQL column type is VARCHAR.
columnTypeThis is a number representing the default SQL column type. These will be one of the column types specified in java.sql.Types.
eventFieldNameThis is the name of the event field. It is NOT the display name, but rather, the attribute tag name.
eventFieldTypeThis is the event field's data type. 0=String, 1=Long, 2=Timestamp, 5=Integer, 7=IP Address, 8=UUID, 15=MAC Address.
nullableThis will contain a value of 1 if the event field is allowed to be null (empty), 0 otherwise.

Sample Request

GET /datasync/eventfielddefs
Sample Response for application/json
Status: 200
{&#10;   "EventFieldDef": [{&lt;Event Field Definition&gt;},{&lt;Event Field Definition&gt;}...]{&#10;}&#10;Event Field Definition Fields&#10;{&#10;   "eventFieldName": "evt",&#10;   "eventFieldType": "0"&#10;   "columnType": "12"&#10;   "columnSize": "255"&#10;   "nullable": "1"&#10;}&#10;