2.5 Data Browser Settings

The Data Browser settings govern how the Data Browser displays data imported from an application. To access these settings, select Display Settings in the Data Browser toolbar.

The Data Browser settings page lets you manage the following:

Table 2-11 Data Browser Settings



Display all values of an attribute

Enables display of attributes with multiple values in the Data Browser. When disabled, the Data Browser displays only the first attribute value.

Select the attributes to be displayed in the Data Browser

Specifies the attributes (columns) in the current data set definition to display in the Data Browser. Limiting the number of displayed attributes that contain multiple values improves Data Browser performance.

Do not show this dialog when opening the Data Browser

Disables launching the Data Browser settings dialog box when Analyzer detects a large number (more than 12) of attributes with multiple values in the current data set definition. You can also enable or disable this feature from the Data Browser preferences (see Section 2.1.3, Data Browser).