2.4 Data Set Settings

Analyzer data set settings let you view and modify the configuration of existing data sets. To access these properties from the Project view, right-click a Data Set definition, then select Properties.

NOTE:You cannot modify an existing data set definition if you have a data set instance based on the current data set definition. To modify an existing data set definition, first delete any existing data set instances.

Analyzer organizes the data set properties into three pages:

General Info: The General Info page displays the Name and Notes fields for the selected connection profile. You can modify only the Notes field. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.

Classes Attributes Filter: The Classes Attributes Filter page includes tabs that let you view and modify the schema class, class attributes, and included in the data set. These settings are interdependent, so modifying class or attribute settings might require you to reconfigure other settings. Analyzer informs you if this is the case.

NOTE:By default, a data set definition includes all values in a multi-valued attribute when importing a data set. If you just want a single value imported for each multi-valued attribute, deselect Enable multi-valued attribute support on the Attributes tab.

Search Scope: The Search Scope page displays the data set’s scope. This setting is typically used with directory-based data sets.