4.0 Data Security with Analyzer

Analyzer for NovellĀ® Identity Manager inspects and analyzes data from multiple source applications as part of an Identity Manager project. This data might include sensitive company or personal information that needs to be protected. Because of this, it is important to use Analyzer within the context of a broader data security model that helps prevent the loss or exposure, either intentional or otherwise, of sensitive information.

Furthermore, because Analyzer is regularly used as part of a consulting engagement for Identity Manager, consultants might have ready access to sensitive organizational and employee information. Organizations should take steps to account for this within their standard data security measures.

A company that is using Analyzer to analyze and clean its data prior to implementing Identity Manager should create an environment that prevents the exposure of sensitive company or personal information. When using Analyzer, the opportunity for data exposure occurs at two primary points. You can help mitigate the risk of data exposure by implementing a few common-sense practices.