2.0 Profile Components and Syntax

You are ready to build Novell AppArmor profiles after you select the programs to profile. To do so, it is important to understand the components and syntax of profiles. AppArmor profiles contain several building blocks that help build simple and reusable profile code: #include files, abstractions, program chunks, and capability entries. #include statements are used to pull in parts of other AppArmor profiles to simplify the structure of new profiles. Abstractions are #include statements grouped by common application tasks. Program chunks are chunks of profiles that are specific to program suites. Capability entries are profile entries for any of the POSIX.1e Linux capabilities.

For help determining the programs to profile, refer to Section 1.2, Determining Programs to Immunize. To start building AppArmor profiles with YaST, proceed to Section 3.0, Building and Managing Profiles with YaST. To build profiles using the AppArmor command line interface, proceed to Section 4.0, Building Profiles from the Command Line.