4.2 Downloading the Business Continuity Clustering Software

For new installs, before you install Novell Business Continuity Clustering, download and copy the software to a directory on your workstation. To download Novell Business Continuity Clustering 1.2.1 for OES 2 SP2 Linux, contact Novell Support.

The Business Continuity Clustering installation program and software is downloaded as an ISO image. There are a few installation options for using the ISO image on each Linux server that will be part of the business continuity cluster:

To use one of these package installation methods, follow the instructions in Section 4.4, Installing and Configuring the Novell Business Continuity Clustering Software.

You can also follow the instructions in Section 4.5, Using a YaST Auto-Configuration File to Install and Configure Business Continuity Clustering Software to install from the network without using a CD or copying the ISO to each server.