12.5 Assigning Preferred Nodes in Peer Clusters

After the resource information has been synchronized to the peer clusters, its preferred nodes settings in the Assigned Nodes list in each peer are by default set to all nodes in the cluster. You can change the resource’s preferred nodes settings on peer clusters by specifying the preferred nodes within each of the peer clusters on the resource Assigned Nodes list.

IMPORTANT:Changes you make for a cluster resource configuration do not take effect while the resource is loaded or running on a server. You must offline and online the resource to apply the changes you make to its resource properties, policies, or scripts.

Before you begin, make sure that you have assigned the preferred peer clusters for the resource. For information, see Section 12.4, Assigning Preferred Peer Clusters for the Resource.

For each BCC enabled cluster resource, do the following for each peer cluster where you plan to failover the cluster resource:

  1. In iManager, click Clusters, then click Cluster Options.

  2. Browse to locate and select the Cluster object of the peer cluster you want to manage.

  3. Select the box next to the resource whose preferred node list you want to view or edit, then click the Details link.

    If this is a peer cluster where the resource is currently running, the cluster resource has a status of primary. On other peer clusters, the status is secondary.

  4. Click the Preferred Nodes tab.

  5. From the Unassigned Nodes list, select the server you want the resource assigned to, then click the right-arrow button to move the selected server to the Assigned Nodes list.

    Repeat this step for all servers you want assigned to the resource.

  6. From the Assigned Nodes list, select the servers you want to unassign from the resource, then click the left-arrow button to move the selected servers to the Unassigned Nodes list.

    The primary peer cluster and the node where the resource is running cannot be moved from the Assigned list to the Unassigned list.

  7. Click the up-arrow and down-arrow buttons to change the preferred failover order of the servers assigned to the resource or volume.

  8. Click Apply to save node assignment changes.