6.1 Preparing for Updating (Patching) BCC 1.2.0 on OES 2 SP1 Linux

Updating (patching) BCC 1.2.0 for OES 2 SP1 Linux assumes that you have installed BCC 1.2 on an existing business continuity cluster. The BCC cluster environment must meet the system requirements described in Requirements for BCC 1.2 for OES 2 SP1 Linux in the BCC 1.2: Administration Guide for OES 2 SP1 Linux

You must also prepare the cluster nodes for the OES 2 patch process as described in Updating (Patching) an OES 2 SP3 Server in the OES 2 SP3: Installation Guide. If BCC 1.2 is installed on an OES 2 SP1 Linux server, the BCC 1.2.0 patch files are pulled down from the OES 2 SP1 Linux patch channel in the maintenance patch for OES 2 SP1 Linux.

The following BCC 1.2 patch is available for OES 2 SP1 Linux: