C.2 Creating NSS Volumes

After you create the pool and its mirror, you must create an NSS volume on each of the pool resources so that it works properly as a cluster resource. To create an NSS volume on a shared pool, follow the instructions in Configuring Cluster Resources for Shared NSS Pools and Volumes in the OES 2 SP3: Novell Cluster Services 1.8.8 Administration Guide for Linux.

You must create at least one shared volume in a cluster-enabled pool. Typically, all volumes are created when you initially set up the cluster resource and before you need to cluster migrate or fail over the resource to other servers in the cluster.

You can add volumes to the pool later by cluster migrating the pool cluster resource back to the original server node in the cluster where the pool was created. Otherwise, you get an eDirectory error because the tools only look for the Pool object under its current server node, and not under the original node where it it was created.

To create or modify home directories, Distributed File Services junctions, or any other elements that are managed through eDirectory objects, you must cluster migrate the pool resource back to the node where it was created before you perform those management tasks. This restriction also applies to management tasks like renaming a pool or volume that change information in the eDirectory objects for the shared pool or volume.