5.2 Upgrading to 32-Bit Identity Manager 3.6.1

Identity Manager 3.6.1 for 32-bit architectures is available for OES 2 SP1 or later. You can perform an in-place upgrade from version 3.6. Before you upgrade to Identity Manager 3.6.1, you must stop the BCC drivers, but it is not necessary to re-create them.

Repeat the following steps for the Identity Manager node in each peer cluster of the business continuity cluster:

  1. Before you upgrade to 32-bit Identity Manager 3.6.1, stop the BCC drivers.

  2. Stop ndsd by entering

    /etc/init.d/ndsd stop
  3. Install 3.6.1 on the Identity Manager node of each peer cluster.

  4. Start ndsd by entering

    /etc/init.d/ndsd start
  5. Restart the BCC drivers in Identity Manager.