5.3 Upgrading to 64-Bit Identity Manager 3.6.1

Identity Manager 3.6.1 for 64-bit architectures is available for OES 2 SP1 or later. There is no in-place upgrade of the OES 2 SP1 (or later) operating system from 32-bit to 64-bit. The upgrade from 32-bit Identity Manager 3.6 to 64-bit Identity Manager 3.6.1 requires a rebuild of the 64-bit cluster node to install the 64-bit OES 2 SP1 or later operating system and the Identity Manager and iManager software components. You must re-create the BCC drivers.

Repeat the following steps for the Identity Manager node in each peer cluster of the business continuity cluster:

  1. Before you upgrade to Identity Manager 3.6.1, save the BCC driver configuration information, then stop the BCC drivers.

  2. Stop ndsd by entering

    /etc/init.d/ndsd stop
  3. On a 64-bit machine, rebuild the Identity Manager node with the 64-bit OES 2 SP1 or later operating system.

  4. Install Identity Manager 3.6.1 and iManager 2.7.4 on the system as described in Section 4.1.7, Identity Manager 3.6.1 Bundle Edition.

  5. Start ndsd by entering

    /etc/init.d/ndsd start
  6. Re-create the BCC drivers in Identity Manager.

    For information about creating drivers, see Section 8.0, Configuring the Identity Manager Drivers for BCC.