5.4 Patching IDM 3.6.1 for OES 2 SP3

After installing or upgrading to Identity Manager 3.6.1, you must apply all maintenance patches for Identity Manager on the IDM node in each of the peer clusters before installing or upgrading BCC. The IDM 3.6.1 Engine Patch 3 Build 3.6.14 or later version is required.

If you are upgrading to OES 2 SP3, you must also apply the IDM 3.6.1 OES 2 SP3 Compatibility Patch 1 (TID #5090210) on the IDM node in each peer cluster before you upgrade the operating systems to OES 2 SP3 on any of the nodes.

For new installs of BCC on OES 2 SP3, the IDM patches must be applied before you install BCC on any of the nodes.