8.3 Configuring Search-and-Replace Values for an Individual Cluster Resource

Some values for a cluster resource’s properties (such as IP addresses) are specified in the resource load and unload scripts when you create the resource. Whenever a resource fails over to a different peer cluster, these properties must be changed to values that work in the destination peer cluster. BCC provides a Search-and-Replace option that dynamically modifies the load and unload scripts for the resource so that it has the values it needs when it is migrated to or fails over between peer clusters.

You can create a replacement script that contains search-and-replace values for the entire cluster, or for an individual resource. Replacement scripts are for inbound changes to scripts for objects being synchronized from other clusters, not outbound.

IMPORTANT:We recommend that you create a replacement script for the entire cluster instead of for an individual resource. For information, see Section 7.3, Adding Search-and-Replace Values to the Resource Replacement Script.

Before you create a replacement script for an individual resource, you should contact Micro Focus Support.

The search-and-replace data that you add is resource-specific, and it is not synchronized via Identity Manager between the clusters in the business continuity cluster.

To create a replacement for an individual cluster resource:

  1. In the Resource Script Replacements section of the Business Continuity page, click New.

    If a resource has already been configured for business continuity, you can click Edit to change existing search-and-replace values, or you can click Delete to delete them.

  2. Add the desired search-and-replace values, then click OK.

    The search-and-replace values you specify here apply only to the resource you are enabling for business continuity. If you want the search-and-replace values to apply to any or all cluster resources, add them to the entire cluster instead of just to a specific resource.

    IMPORTANT:If you change the resource-specific search-and-replace data after initially adding it, you must update the resource load script and unload script in one of the peer clusters by editing it and adding a space or a comment to it. This causes the script to be updated with the new search-and-replace data.

    See Adding Search-and-Replace Values to the Resource Replacement Script for more information on resource script search-and-replace values and adding those values to the entire cluster.

  3. If you are creating a new cluster resource, click Next.

  4. Continue with Section 8.5, Assigning Preferred Peer Clusters for the Resource.