7.1 Accessing the Forgotten Password

After you run the Client Login Extension MSI file on workstations running the Novell Client 2 SP1or later, Microsoft Credential Provider, or the Microsoft GINA, and you have specified a valid HTTPS link, the Password Self-Service feature is ready to use. See Section 3.0, Preliminary Tasks to ensure that you have all the information in place for Password Self-Service to work.

  1. If you forget your password, click the Did you forget your password? link in the Novell Client.

    Clicking the password link

    The Microsoft GINA link says Forgotten Password, or whatever text you provided when configuring the Client Login Extension.

    Clicking the Did you forget your password? link launches a restricted browser that can only go to the URL designated in the Client Login Extension Configuration utility. The restricted browser performs the following tasks:

    • Verifies that the protocol is HTTPS

    • Validates the hostname

    • Verifies that the target Web site is operating in the Internet Explorer restricted sites zone

    • Disables hotkeys

    • Disables tabs

    • Disables right-clicking

    • Disables ActiveX

    • Disables scripts

    • Runs on its own process, separate from the Winlogon process

  2. After the restricted browser connects to the Forgotten Password page, you see the IDM Forgot Password dialog box. Type your login name, then click Submit.

    The IDM Forgot Password screen

    What you see in the IDM Forgot Password dialog box depends on how the system administrator has set up the Forgotten Password option. You can see a hint, have your hint eand password sent as an e-mail to you, or you can be allowed to change your password. You can also be provided with challenge questions.

    For this example, the user is provided with a challenge question and hint.

    Answering the response questions
  3. Type your response to the questions, then click Submit.

    The number of response questions and what they say is configurable by the system administrator.

    If you do not answer the questions correctly, you see a Challenge Response failed message and are presented with the questions again.

  4. After the response questions are answered correctly, you are presented with the password hint, depending on how the system administrator has configured password self-service.

    Receiving the hint

    Use the hint to remember your password. If you still cannot remember your password, contact your system administrator.

  5. Close the browser window.