8.0 Managing NetWare Server Resources

You can manage individual NetWare® servers and the file system resources on both traditional NetWare volumes and NSS volumes. For example, you can view and modify basic server information, launch NetWare Management Portal, assign server operators, copy and move files and folders, and salvage and purge deleted files. You can control volume space allocations (on traditional volumes only), assign file owners and attributes, make trustee (rights) assignments, and view volume usage statistics. For background information on NetWare file systems, see the T raditional Files Services Administration Guide and the Novell Storage Services Administration Guide .

In ConsoleOne®, you browse NetWare servers, volumes, folders, and files like any other objects in your Novell® eDirectory™ tree. Volumes and folders are container objects that you can expand and collapse. Servers and files are leaf objects that you can manipulate and set properties for.

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