2.3 Controlling Maximum Attachment Size

Synchronizing large attachments between GroupWise and mobile devices can put a substantial load on the GroupWise Connector. By default, attachments are synchronized from GroupWise to the GroupWise Connector if they are smaller than 500 KB. Attachments larger than 500 KB are dropped by the GroupWise Connector and do not synchronize to mobile devices.

The attachment size limit for the Mobility Connector is also configurable, as described in Controlling Maximum Attachment Size in Mobility Connector Configuration in the Mobility Connector Configuration Guide.

You can increase or decrease the attachment size limit to control the load that attachment processing puts on the GroupWise Connector. When a user receives an item for which attachments have not been synchronized, the item includes a list of the attachments that are on the original item but not on the synchronized item, so that the user knows that attachments are available in the GroupWise mailbox.

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click the GroupWise Connector to display the GroupWise Connector Configuration page.

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. In the Maximum Attachment Size field, adjust the maximum attachment size as needed.

    Maximum Attachment Size option
  4. Click Save Custom Settings.

  5. Click Home on the menu bar to return to the main Synchronizer Web Admin page.

  6. In the Actions column for the GroupWise Connector, click Stop Stop icon to stop the GroupWise Connector, then click Start Start icon to start the GroupWise Connector and apply the changes.