Novell Data Synchronizer 1.2.5 Connector for GroupWise


January 28, 2013

NOTE:The 1.2.5 update pertains to the Mobility Pack, with the GroupWise Connector and the Mobility Connector. The Data Synchronizer product for use with other connectors remains at version 1.2.4.

1.0 Overview

The Novell Data Synchronizer Connector for GroupWise is the component of Mobility Pack that connects your GroupWise system with your Synchronizer system.

The Mobility Pack includes both the GroupWise Connector and the Mobility Connector for synchronizing GroupWise data to mobile devices.

For a list of the enhancements and bug fixes provided in Mobility Pack 1.2.5, see the Mobility Pack 1.2.5 Readme.

2.0 System Requirements

See Mobility Pack System Requirements in the Mobility Pack Installation Guide.

3.0 GroupWise Connector Installation

The GroupWise Connector is automatically installed as part of the Mobility Pack, as described in the Mobility Pack Installation Guide.

4.0 GroupWise Connector Issues

For general connector issues, see the Mobility Pack 1.2.5 Readme.

4.1 GroupWise Authentication

LDAP authentication is the preferred method of authentication. GroupWise authentication can take longer than LDAP authentication, and it creates an additional load on POAs. However, GroupWise authentication is required if you want GroupWise external entities to be able to synchronize. It is also convenient for systems where users are required to reset their LDAP passwords on a regular basis.

For more information, see LDAP Passwords vs. GroupWise Passwords in Planning a Data Synchronizer System in the Mobility Pack Installation Guide.

4.2 SSL for the POA SOAP Connection

After initial configuration of the GroupWise Connector, if you later change the POA SOAP SSL setting, you must update the GroupWise POA SOAP URL field on the GroupWise Connector Settings page in Synchronizer Web Admin to match the new POA SOAP SSL setting, then restart the GroupWise Connector.

4.3 New GroupWise Users

When you add new users to GroupWise, they are not immediately available in Synchronizer Web Admin for adding to your Synchronizer system. They automatically become available within 30 minutes. To make them immediately available, restart the GroupWise Connector.

4.4 GroupWise User Moves

If you move a user from one post office to another in your GroupWise system, the GroupWise Connector is not automatically aware of the change. After you move a user, reinitialize the user so that the GroupWise Connector locates the user in the new post office.

4.5 Add Users Option in Synchronizer Web Admin

Leave the Add Users option on the GroupWise Connector Configuration page in Synchronizer Web Admin at its default setting of Only selected users. This setting synchronizes data for the specific users that you select during Mobility Pack installation and that you add after installation.

The All users from post office setting synchronizes GroupWise data for all users in the post office serviced by the default POA. If all of these users have not been added to your Synchronizer system, this setting creates unnecessary synchronization traffic and causes the GroupWise Connector to store data that will never be synchronized to mobile devices.

5.0 Documentation

The Mobility Pack documentation is available at the Novell Data Synchronizer Documentation Web site and the Novell Data Synchronizer Connector Documentation Web site.

In addition to the Mobility Pack documentation, the following resources provide additional information about the Data Synchronizer product: