3.6 Clearing Accumulated GroupWise Events

When the GroupWise Connector stops synchronizing for some reason, GroupWise events accumulate in users’ GroupWise databases until the communication with the GroupWise Connector resumes.

By default, when the GroupWise Connector starts again, it processes all accumulated events. This default behavior prevents the loss of events and is the desired behavior for normal GroupWise Connector functioning. However, when you are troubleshooting a problem with the GroupWise Connector, you might find it helpful to skip processing accumulated events so that the GroupWise Connector starts processing current events more quickly.

To clear old events (not recommended unless troubleshooting):

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click the GroupWise Connector to display the GroupWise Connector Configuration page.

  2. At the bottom of the basic GroupWise Connector configuration options, click Advanced.

  3. Select Clear Old Events.

    Clear Old Events option
  4. Click Save Custom Settings.

  5. Click Home on the menu bar to return to the main Synchronizer Web Admin page.

  6. In the Actions column for the GroupWise Connector, click Stop icon (Stop) to stop the GroupWise Connector, then click Start icon (Start) to start the GroupWise Connector and apply the change.

    The GroupWise Connector discards accumulated events and starts processing new events immediately.

  7. Return to the GroupWise Connector Configuration page and deselect Clear Old Events as soon as you are finished troubleshooting, so that GroupWise events are not accidentally lost during normal GroupWise Connector functioning.