2.3 Starting and Stopping the GroupWise Connector

You cannot stop and start the GroupWise Connector from the command line. You must use Synchronizer Web Admin.

  1. Log in to Synchronizer Web Admin.

    Synchronizer Web Admin console main page
  2. On the GroupWise Connector line under Manage Connectors, click Synchronizer Web Admin console main page to stop the GroupWise Connector.

    The Stop icon (Stop) icon changes to Start icon (Start).

  3. Click Start icon (Start) to start the GroupWise Connector.

Sometimes, the GroupWise Connector might take a long time to start. The length of time depends on how many users have been added to the GroupWise Connector and on where the users are located in the GroupWise system. If the GroupWise Connector is communicating directly with the POA for the post office where the users are located, it starts more quickly than if the users are scattered throughout the GroupWise system. The GroupWise Connector requests events for all users that have been added to it. POA-to-POA communication is required when the users are on post offices other than the one that the GroupWise Connector communicates with directly.