2.6 Controlling the Maximum Number of Devices per User

When a single user has multiple devices, the user’s data is duplicated in your Synchronizer system. To control data duplication and improve performance, you can control the number of devices that each user is allowed to connect to your Synchronizer system.

By default, each user can connect with as many devices as he or she wants. When you set the maximum limit, a user who is above the limit is not prevented from connecting with existing devices. However, the user cannot connect with any additional devices until the number of devices is within the limit that you have set.

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click the Mobility Connector to display the Mobility Connector Configuration page.

  2. In the Maximum Devices per User field, set the maximum number of devices that each user can connect with.

    Maximum Attachment Size option

    To remove an existing limit, specify -1 for an unlimited number of devices.

  3. Click Save Custom Settings.

  4. Click Home on the menu bar to return to the main Synchronizer Web Admin page.

  5. In the Actions column for the Mobility Connector, click Stop Stop icon to stop the Mobility Connector, then click Start Start icon to start the Mobility Connector and apply the changes.

The Mobility Connector now limits the number of devices that each user can connect with.