4.6 Resetting a Device to Factory Default Settings

If a user loses a mobile device, it is important to wipe all personal data from the lost device as quickly as possible. If the device is recovered, it can be reset and used again.

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click Monitor icon (Monitoring) in the Actions column for the Mobility Connector to display the Connector Monitoring Information page.

    Connector Monitoring page
  2. In the line for the mobile device to reset, click Device Reset icon (Device Reset).

    Device Options

    You receive the following prompt:

    When you reset the device, all data will be removed.
    Are you sure you want to reset the device "device_id" 
                                             to its factory default state?
  3. Click Reset Device to wipe the user’s personal data from the device and reset the device to factory default settings.

    You receive the following confirmation:

    The reset command has been sent to the device.
    When the device "device_id" tries to connect, 
                              it will be reset to its factory default state.
  4. Click OK.

    At this point, the device ID turns yellow and is marked with the Resetting status. Regardless of how many times the mobile device tries to connect, it always receives the reset command. However, the Device Reset icon (Device Reset) changes to Device Reset Clear icon (Device Reset Clear), indicating that the Resetting status can be cleared.

  5. (Conditional) To put the device back into service, click Device Reset Clear icon (Device Reset Clear).

    You receive the following prompts:

    When you clear the reset command, the device will be allowed to connect.
    Are you sure you want to allow the device "device_id" to connect?
  6. Click Allow Device.

    You receive the following confirmation:

    The device "device_id" is now allowed to connect.
  7. Click OK.

    The user must now start over from the beginning and reconfigure the device to connect to the Synchronizer system and start synchronizing data.