3.3 Using GroupWise Authentication Instead of LDAP Authentication for Mobile Devices

By default, the Mobility Pack Installation program configures your Synchronizer system to use LDAP (network) passwords when mobile devices connect to GroupWise mailboxes. After installation, you can configure the Mobility Connector to use GroupWise mailbox passwords instead.

GroupWise authentication can be more intuitive for users. It is especially convenient when users’ LDAP passwords are set to expire regularly, which requires reconfiguration of mobile devices each time LDAP passwords expire. GroupWise passwords do not expire. Device reconfiguration becomes necessary only when users manually change their own GroupWise passwords.

  1. In Synchronizer Web Admin, click the Mobility Connector to display the Mobility Connector Configuration page.

  2. In the Authentication Type field, select GroupWise.

    Authentication Type options
  3. In the GroupWise POA SOAP URL field, specify the same URL that you used when configuring the GroupWise Connector, as described in GroupWise Post Office Agent in Planning a Data Synchronizer System in the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack Installation Guide.

    The Mobility Connector communicates with the GroupWise Post Office Agent to authenticate mobile devices using users’ GroupWise mailbox passwords.

  4. Click Save Custom Settings.

  5. Click Home on the menu bar to return to the main Synchronizer Web Admin page.

  6. In the Actions column for the Mobility Connector, click Stop icon (Stop) to stop the Mobility Connector, then click Start icon (Start) to start the Mobility Connector.

    The Mobility Connector now uses GroupWise authentication instead of LDAP authentication.

  7. (Conditional) If any users have already configured their mobile devices to use LDAP authentication, notify these users to reconfigure their mobile devices to use their GroupWise mailbox passwords.