GroupWise 2012 Multi-System Administration Guide

  GroupWise 2012 Multi-System Administration Guide
    Connecting to Other GroupWise Systems
      Understanding Connection Options
        Connection Methods Supported by the Various GroupWise Versions
        External System Links
        Dynamic Internet Links
        Direct Links
      Using External System Links
      Using Dynamic Internet Links
        MTA Version Requirements
        Installing the GroupWise Internet Agent
        Setting Up Internet-Style Addressing
        Adding MTA Resource Records to DNS
        Configuring the MTA’s Server for DNS Lookups
        Enabling MTAs to Perform DNS Lookups
        Message Flow through a Dynamic Internet Link
      Using Direct Links
        Creating an External Domain
        Linking to the External Domain
        Checking the Link Status of the External Domain
        Sending Messages Between Systems
        Exchanging Information Between Systems
        Message Flow Between External Domains
      Using Gateway Links
      Synchronizing External GroupWise Systems
    Merging GroupWise Systems
      Why Merge GroupWise Systems?
      Planning the Merge
        Understanding the Merge Process
        Planning Administrator Rights
        Determining Which GroupWise Objects Are No Longer In Use
        Planning the Location of the Domain Database Backup Directories
        Planning GroupWise System Connections
        Planning to Merge Additional GroupWise Systems
        Merge Planning Worksheet
      Preparing for the Merge
        Setting Up Administrator Rights
        Deleting Unused GroupWise Objects
        Verifying That UNC Paths Are Correct
        Resolving Pending Operations
      Merging the GroupWise Systems
        Creating External Domains for Both Systems
        Configuring Links Between Site #2 Domains and Site #1 Secondary Domains
        Checking Links to External Domains for Both Systems
        Creating Temporary Holding Directories
        Releasing Site #2 Secondary Domains
        Sending Site #2 Databases to the Site #1 Administrator
        Receiving Site #2 Databases at Site #1
        Merging a Site #2 Domain into Site #1
        Merging the Next GroupWise System
        Sending the Merged Site #2 Databases to Site #2
        Restarting the GroupWise Agents
        Testing the Merged System
    Legal Notices