3.5 Diagnosing Synchronization Problems

Although log files provide useful information about the functioning of the Synchronizer components, they might not help you determine when data is not synchronizing as expected.

The MCheck utility compares Mobility Connector data with GroupWise data. When a discrepancy is detected, MCheck provides a recommendation for resolving the problem.

MCheck is currently unsupported and is included in the current Synchronizer software for use by Novell Technical Services. However, you can still use MCheck yourself to perform the following actions:

To run MCheck:

  1. In a terminal window on the Synchronizer server, become root by entering su - and the root password.

  2. Change to the following directory:

  3. Run the following command:

    python mcheck.pyc
  4. Type the number for the action that you want to perform.

  5. (Conditional) If you are verifying a user’s mailbox, specify the GroupWise user ID, then press Enter.

  6. View the log file for results and recommendations.

    Log files are created in the following directory:



    Log File Name

    Gather configuration settings


    Verify the GroupWise Address Book


    Verify the user’s mailbox