2.2 Accessing Synchronizer Web Admin as a User

Users can use the Synchronizer Web Admin URL to access the Synchronizer User Options page by logging in with their network user names and passwords.

User Options page

IMPORTANT:Even if you have configured your Synchronizer system to use GroupWise authentication for mobile device access, as described in Using GroupWise Authentication Instead of LDAP Authentication for Mobile Devices in Mobility Connector Configuration in the Mobility Connector Configuration Guide, users still need to use their network (LDAP) user names and passwords to access the Data Synchronizer User Options page.

GroupWise users who are represented in eDirectory as GroupWise external entities cannot access the User Options page, because GroupWise external entities cannot log in to eDirectory (LDAP).

The Mobility Quick Start explains how to use the Synchronizer Web Admin User Options page.

If you set yourself up as the Synchronizer administrator user, you can access your personal User Options page with the following URL:


Replace data_synchronizer_server with the IP address or DNS hostname of the server where you installed the Mobility Pack.