2.4 Integrating with Novell ZENworks Mobile Management

ZENworks Mobile Management is a mobile device management solution that provides centralized management and control of mobile devices throughout your enterprise network. For complete information, see the ZENworks Mobile Management Documentation Web site.

You can configure ZENworks Mobile Management to work with your Synchronizer system, so that all the powerful features of ZENworks Mobile Management are available for managing the mobile devices of your GroupWise users.

  1. Configure ZENworks Mobile Management with information about your Synchronizer server:

    1. Log in to the ZENworks Mobile Management dashboard.

    2. Click Organization Organization icon > ActiveSync Servers ActiveSync Servers icon to list your existing ActiveSync servers.

    3. Click Add ActiveSync Server.

      Add ActiveSync Server dialog box
    4. In the ActiveSync Server Name field, specify the DNS hostname of your Synchronizer server, such as gwsync.

    5. In the ActiveSyncServer Address field, specify the fully qualified hostname of your Synchronizer server, such as gwsync.provo.novell.com.

    6. In the ActiveSync Server Port, specify 443 for a secure connection.

    7. Select Use SSL.

    8. In the Domain field, specify the Internet domain where the your Synchronizer server is located, such as novell.com, then click Add.

    9. Click Finish to save the information about your Synchronizer server.

    10. (Optional) Configure additional ZENworks Mobile Management servers with information about your Synchronizer server.

  2. Configure your Synchronizer system with information about ZENworks Mobile Management:

    1. Log in to Synchronizer Web Admin.

    2. Click the Mobility Connector, then scroll down to the MDM Server field.

      MDM Server field
    3. Specify the IP address of the ZENworks Mobile Management server where you provided information about your Synchronizer server.

    4. (Conditional) If you configured multiple ZENworks Mobile Management servers with information about your Synchronizer server, specify the IP addresses in a comma-delimited list.

    5. Click Save Custom Settings.

    6. Click Home on the menu bar to return to the main Synchronizer Web Admin page.

    7. In the Actions column for the Mobility Connector, click Stop icon (Stop) to stop the Mobility Connector, then click Start icon (Start) to start the Mobility Connector.

      The Mobility Connector now allows communication from the specified servers.

  3. View your GroupWise mobile device users in ZENworks Mobile Management:

    1. From the ZENworks Mobile Management dashboard, click Users.

    2. Scroll horizontally to view various types of information about GroupWise users and their mobile devices, including:

      • Time of last synchronization

      • Phone number

      • Mobile device model

      • Mobile device operating system and version