2.6 Mobility Pack Installation Summary Sheet

Installation Script Field

Value for Your Synchronizer System


Mobility Pack Server Information:

  • IP address:

  • Hostname:

Section 2.1.2, Selecting Mobility Pack Servers.

LDAP Server Information:

  • IP address:

  • Hostname:

  • Secure LDAP Port?

    • Yes

      Default port: 636

    • No

      Default port: 389

LDAP Server Network Information.

LDAP Server Credentials:

  • LDAP administrator DN:

  • LDAP administrator password:

LDAP Server Credentials.

LDAP Containers:

  • Users:

  • Groups:

LDAP User and Group Containers.

Synchronizer Web Admin:

  • Web Admin login DN:

  • Web Admin password:

Section 2.1.8, Establishing Data Synchronizer System Security.

Synchronizer Database:

  • Database name: datasync

  • Database user: datasync_user

  • Database password:

Section 2.1.7, Planning the Data Synchronizer Database.

GroupWise Trusted Application:

  • Trusted application name:

  • Trusted application key file:

GroupWise Trusted Application.

GroupWise Post Office Agent:

  • POA IP address or DNS hostname:

  • POA SOAP port:

    Default port: 7191

  • Secure: Yes / No

GroupWise Post Office Agent.

Mobile Device Port:

  • Secure LDAP port: Yes

    Default port: 443

    • Generate self-signed certificate?

      • Yes

      • No

        Certificate file:

  • Secure LDAP port: No

    Default port: 80

Mobile Device Port and Server Certificate.

Block Incoming Devices:

  • Yes

  • No

Incoming Devices.

GroupWise Address Book User:


GroupWise Address Book User.

Add Users:

Section 2.1.4, Planning How to Add Users.

Add Groups:

Section 2.1.4, Planning How to Add Users.

Novell Customer Center Registration:

  • Register later

  • Register now

    • Email address

    • Activation code

Section 2.1.9, Registering for Automatic Updates from the Novell Customer Center.

Mailbox Access:

  • LDAP (network) passwords

  • GroupWise (mailbox) passwords

LDAP Passwords vs. GroupWise Passwords.

Enable GroupWise Authentication?

  • Yes

  • No

LDAP Passwords vs. GroupWise Passwords.