Fixed in
bug_id short_desc
566219 Postgres configuration sometimes fails causing start to have failed status and startup to be very slow
570494 /etc/init.d/datasync should require root
587615 Email moved from junk folder to inbox won't sync
596692 On the sync engine monitoring page, some statistics are missing on some systems.
596725 Browser redirects to an non-existent path
597963 Connector instances need to get updated when rpms are updated
604789 LDAP search has to be done twice after connection is lost
606244 clicking on Add on the add user page w/o selecting a user returns Completed
612646 If connection from sync engine to connector is lost, sync engine doesn't reconnect.
612650 Syncengine is dead when database password has special characters
616455 Search Results should be in alphabetical order
617168 Duplicated App Name when a user is added from a Group
617176 User interface is not loaded to a user with spaces in its name
620954 GW connector should not allow all threads to get stuck trying to communicate with 1 poa.
632711 The editable fields should be disabled when creating new connector
633226 Message attachments with multiple extensions do not sync
636776 Modify, move, and delete events get dropped if the add for them does not arrive at the connector first.
644563 Novell Data Synchronizer cannot add users in containers with ampersand in the name
645550 Exception in GroupWise Connector while trying to create a folder
647557 The GroupWise Connector does not process attachments uploaded to the SyncEngine
648208 State changes made while a user is blocked reblocks the user
648210 Re-initializing a user unblocks that user
650775 GW Monitoring needs a "Time Behind" or something similar for the items coming from GW to the connector.
651816 Appointment modify events aren't being handled properly
653770 Do we really need a "Edit Config" and "Engine Maintenance" actions for engines that go to the same place?
654241 User added to a connector via group is not deleted from the connector once he is removed from a group.
654516 GroupWise Connector connects to only the First IP Address in the redirectToHost list
655218 Tool tip of Delete icon is improper in Engine Configuration page
655423 Actions column displayed improperly in the User Self Admin
655522 Block contact notes from syncing as normal reminder notes.
655687 If any field include the searching word, they would be searched out
659259 GroupWise Connector does not download the attachment from GroupWise completely
659602 Untranslated text on Audit Users page
659618 All LangsGlobal Audit and Global Settings buttons are shown on Connector Options page for non-admin user
660234 We should reconsider our default logrotate settings.
663852 Events are being dropped by the pipeline because they are sent multiple times
665187 Deleting the users from all the connectors does not delete files from /var/lib/datasync/syncengine
670107 Getting "Could not find parent for item" error when syncing PAB
662358 Syncengine does not delete attachments till the mail is deleted from GroupWise
671411 You cannot change the folder description through the GW Connector