Fixed in
Update 1
bug_id short_desc
662358 Syncengine does not delete attachments till the mail is deleted from GroupWise
671411 You cannot change the folder description through the GW Connector
640950 Global Exception handler 32
665962 Accepting on the device does not accept on GW
666020 Mobility sends <remove> tags to the Device even if the Device connects for the first time
667090 Scale: Nightly maintenance seems to use a lot of memory that doesn't get freed up.
667776 Global Exception Handler Timed out causing High Utilization- May be caused by GroupWise Authentication
669047 Global Address Book Lookup fails if a user object has a Phone Number greater than 64 characters
671102 Disable the ability to disable Trash sync
673835 Tentative / maybe attendance not translating well both directions
673848 Appointment alarms not getting set on device
675598 Mobility Monitoring page does expensive queries even though the UI does not display it
678600 Error reading attachment file <filename> global name 'strID' is not defined