Fixed in 1.2
bug_id short_desc
698324 Need an API to get user config settings
573090 Need to update the GWC WSDL and schema for the 8.02 release
634452 suds logging stops writing to disk between roll-overs
658036 Email - Internet multi-level emails will not resolve or deliver when sending.
666372 GW connector exceptions
673454 HTC Incredible randomly has calendar items disappear
676511 General improvements to the GWC logging.
677847 All day appointments from device displays differently on the GW client
678268 Exception: BadStatusLine (downloadAttachment)
678279 UnboundLocalError: local variable 'attachmentDownload' referenced before assignment
678330 Exception: Could not convert type <type 'int'> to string: -1
678339 TypeError: cannot convert dictionary update sequence element #0 to a sequence
679014 KeyError: 'cyoungman'
679033 URLErrors
679858 URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 113] No route to host>
686317 Moving recurrent items doesn't work
694361 The Mobility conenctor seems to sync tentative appointments
694693 GW Connector is loading extremely slow (slower than usual)
696742 event config and cache are getting removed after failed sync
696807 GroupWise Connector Monitoring page doesn't work after install of non-Mobility ISO
697307 Getting exception during a direct query causing initial sync to fail
697541 Need to log the userid when a user is removed from the gw connector
697639 Appointment shows tentative in GW even when "set busy" is used on device
697789 Events seem to be in infinite loop
697978 GW connector doesn't seem to start processing events till all users are configured.
698908 Turn on HTML documents by default for Delaware
700214 Stuck in a FolderModify loop
702069 Getting a lot of warnings "Found user in cache: xxxx" in the gw ai log.
702479 Ampersand (&) in Domain or Post Office name causes DS to ignore Replies or Forwards
592011 TP: Install needs to detect whether system is 32 or 64 bit
679493 A few text changes related to the new Customer Center page
701432 need an indication that is doing something
701664 Update should only update the database schema when it is needed, not every time.
702958 DataSync_101_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Errors appear during DataSync Mobility Pack Install
704242 On a "Gradenko" install, the "Threading=1" directive doesn't get get added to the odbcinst.ini.
704245 Typo in gradenko uninstall.
706562 Gradenko:Uninstall is not removing the release-notes-sync rpm.
644645 Build: Strip the build version off of the release rpms
681634 User having period in uniqueid.Unable to edit Application name of user.
688653 VACUUMDB maint returned a recommendation to increase max_fsm_pages
693754 postgres is crashing
695150 Update pointer Readmes in the Mobility Pack and DS builds
697995 Need to increment the version number for the next update/release
701092 After updated Always on lab server to build 511 HTML feature is disabled
701390 NTS plugin files installed in the wrong location for SLES11.
701392 NTS plugin files are not getting called.
703218 DataSync_12_LOC : iPod : DE : Folders in mailbox view unlocalised
664323 Scale: During initial sync of 500 users, sync engine gets behind and system runs out of memory.
686994 Debug message for "status event failed, needsDelivery is still True" needs more information.
698880 Cache redelivery needs to be throttled back. It causes sync engine to get behind.
699071 Items marked as read on a device are not delivered from the SE to the GWC.
699411 Sync engine threads would stop processing if it tried to get a task when there were no tasks.
699420 There are 2 threadpool and threadpoolthread classes, we need to remove 1.
701013 The PySQLPool.Query.log gets very large and is marginally useful.
701715 We need to include the jquery json license file with the build.
701892 Cannot remove a user from a connector and add back or re-use that DN
705033 Appointments created to recipients without including the sender in the TO line as well do not show up on the recipients device
600533 DataSync_LOC : ES : Unlocalized text message Manage Global Settings page
601308 DataSync_LOC : SV, DE : Unlocalized text on deleting message(Manage Users)
657310 Display an error message in profile page of mobility connector
659561 DataSync_101_LOC : ENU Icons are underlined on mouse over in IE8
660061 EXCEPTION: Error: [('SSL routines', 'SSL3_READ_BYTES', 'tlsv1 alert unknown ca')... in webadmin log.
671115 Advanced link on Groupwise Connector does not work in IE8
671646 Changes in the mobility and groupwise connectors between patch1 and patch2.
685687 Cannot edit Application User Name when LDAP dn contains apostrophe
693257 Changing name in "Click to Set" option under Application user name doesn't work.
693702 Web admin does not redirect to login page
696093 Mobility connector user template calls VOP connector function when both are configured
697599 Page not available in web admin
699469 Session Fixation with Webadmin
699470 Weak SSL Ciphers supported with WebAdmin
700736 Clicking the "Save LDAP settings" button on the "Manage Global Settings" page continually twirls if no changes were made.
702760 edit xml button showing up slightly incorrectly in IE9
703367 DataSync_12_LOC : All_Languages : Can't search user
703395 DataSync_12_LOC : EN, SV, FR : truncated text in 'Edit Use' page