Fixed in
Update 1

bug_id short_desc
708428 Some calendar items show pending when they are not suppose to be on the device
719267 Premature deletion of attachments
720498 Preview of the mail messed up if the mail only contains HTML and no plain text
614878 Mobility connector gives incorrect information and says that it is synced when its not
667784 Global Exception Handler causing High Utillization
678524 Can't change language for Webadmin interface
701864 Cannot Stop Datasync from synching emails
708715 fails if the password for datasync_user contains a $ or & symbol
710007 Status not updated
710256 File name becomes garbled if attached file name contains German umlaut characters
710448 Mobility going in a loop with "Waiting for email to sync before syncing linked calendar item"
711815 unable to sync appts from GW to device after upgrade to deleware
713348 Reply To field not being understood by device
713511 Install LDAP Browse Button Hard Coded for Port 389
713594 Event collapsing for move item is not working
715106 Sorting of SE Events/SE Events Queued /GW Events is broken
715291 AttachmentIDs getting messed up
715791 Mobility Threads maxing out
715941 Recurring Appointments missing on iPad after resend
716261 Attachments go missing
716484 Exception when restarting engine
716916 Add name attribute to input fields
718686 Please add information in the log file about cleaning up devices
719342 LG REvolution fails to download or open attachments
719799 Login problems for any iPhone with the build #614
720444 Syncengine does not honor cache retention and deletes the attachments the next day
720600 GroupWise authentication broken after #597 build.
721568 Retracted appointment not getting deleted from device
721592 .trashbin folder is not being deleted on the device.
722621 Attachments missing in the syncengine/attachments directory but in the database are not redownloaded
722911 Mails getting messed up on Device
724272 Need a way to filter out archived (stubbed) items.
724716 Mails refreshing over and over again
726771 Umlauts don’t show correctly after iOS 5 update
727596 Appointments are getting resent by recipient
727936 Android devices continuously ask for resync
728997 "Last Sync Failed" item should be shown in the UI so that admins can go ahead and delete it from the UI
730896 Messages and Body mixed
731419 Changing your password to the same password you had before causes authentication to be denied.
711940 Regression: Cannot send email with extended characters in subject line after 579-Version
666965 Mail body is garlbled. iphone and mobility server
728461 Reinitialize is kicking off twice
732126 Sub-calendars are showing up as folders on the devices
732162 Reinitialize is not working.
607379 rcdatasync stop should issue a killall python command at the end
720333 Availibility change on iPad causes duplicate appointments