Fixed in
Update 2

bug_id short_desc
701096 Notes added to a contact in Groupwise do not synchronize to device using Roadsync.
565966 Odd Timezone issue
597935 Poll LDAP Groups on Demand
728420 Sync engine attachments are not getting completely cleaned up.
737217 Modify Contact in address book not syncing
735398 Device not Syncing
729011 GWC threads sometime die when GroupWise goes into a bad state
734991 Mails reach the Cache Table but not Retention
716192 Appointments do not make it to the device intermittently
734960 Kill GroupWise connector if server is out of disk space
746977 smartforward stripping the TO field
743811 Include attachment charset
741144 "Connection to the Server failed" on iOS devices for some users
728993 Device draining battery because of a corrupt calendar
746821 Contacts get downloaded to device without Phone Numbers on LG Revolution
742624 Re-Initialize fails and gets stuck forever if the user dn has a context with & in its name
740003 Attachment name getting messed up when doing a forward from the device
737596 A sync problem with a multiple devices added to a single account.
734479 We use wrong charset encoding when sending extedned chars from iPad
733362 Reinitialize user causes user created folders to get re-selected
731724 Unable to download larger attachment if you choose to download entire message.
731371 No attachments download when domain / PO name has extended chars.
729970 Proxy Server breaks communication between WebAdmin and ConfigEngine and even to GroupWise
729619 Global Exception Handler - iOS stops syncing the device
727680 Some users in LDAP Group are not polled
715106 Sorting of SE Events/SE Events Queued /GW Events is broken
681408 No notification on the device when a user's mailbox quota has been exceeded
738107 Datasync not moving e-mails on device though moved/deleted via GroupWise
743734 Appointments duplicate when moved from mobile devices
744857 Remove eventConfigurationUpdateOnStartup XML config from the GWC
668679 selecting multiple mail to delete, behaves erratically
743856 Attachments getting No Attachment ID from syncengine
743852 Mobility sending wrong foldersync count to the devices
731419 Changing your password to the same password you had before causes authentication to be denied.
707541 The container holding the eDir User contains an German Umlaut sync just one device.