Fixed in Update 3
bug_id short_desc
626495 Activesync test tool doesn't work against mobility connector.
706156 WinMobile - Declining a recurring appointment on device creates calendar inconsistencies
746821 Contacts get downloaded to device without Phone Numbers on LG Revolution
737013 Name completion does not work for contacts created on device if name format is set to Lastname,Firstname
748410 Changing recurring appointments on iOS devices results in deletion of remaining appointments
744857 Remove eventConfigurationUpdateOnStartup XML config from the GWC
743811 Include attachment charset
735849 Contacts in GroupWise addressbook are displayed as First, Last after editing on the mobile device
729011 GWC threads sometime die when GroupWise goes into a bad state
712006 "old" contact not synced to mobile device
755917 Forwarded mails on iOS have incorrect time if the Time Zone of the Post Office is Australia
755313 Don't send deletes for folders that have not been selected for sync
748681 Read/unread status gets off when an email is set to "Show in Tasklist"
746977 smartforward stripping the TO field
732579 Additional problem with extended chars - combination ISO-8859-1 and base64 encoding.
725510 Deleted mail reappears on the device after GW Archive touches the message
716194 sending a message with an attachment from device fails
753029 Appointment message body gets deleted
727936 Android devices continuously ask for resync
749614 Garbled email on the device with "3DUTF-16" Charset
752121 Loss of events
743734 Appointments duplicate when moved from mobile devices
754378 Device ID missing char
751393 Give an option to set the Timeout for webadmin in server.xml
701096 Notes added to a contact in Groupwise do not synchronize to device using Roadsync.
755969 forwards from HTC Incredible are as attachment, not inline
748489 Mail Content Disappears
758331 Retracted appointment not syncing to device
755501 configure user is happening multiple times for the same user
748135 Validation of initial sync is taking too long
755499 Need to limit continual fetch on bad items
749474 Cache cleanup causing hiccup on corp systems
745893 Device has problems syncing when attachment processing gets behind
745731 Device keeps sending the wrong synckey causing the device to keep refreshing
637015 Illegal Server Error logging in to the WebAdmin.