Fixed in
Update 4

bug_id short_desc
635648 Vacation rules will not reply to an email sent from a device unless "Reply to external users" is checked.
763480 Users added to LDAP group get added to the Groupwise Connector but not Mobility Connector
689378  "GroupWise attachment error" on devices for some emails
690593 Unable to see mobile numbers with GAL lookup on device
731414 Unable to see some users when doing a GAL lookup on device
756406 Items Purged from GroupWise Mailbox syncs to the Device's Trash Folder
759679 Items in Retention table but not in Cache had to be cleaned up manually
761307 Drop Events in the Pipeline containing the SilverDane subTypes
761401 Calendar sync problem when applicationID is not found in email address of a user
761702 Missing Entry in FolderMaps causes bad behaviour on the device
762399 "~" in the begining of the username in the Mobility Connector Monitoring page
767861 Folder objects can get stuck in a bad state after upgrade to 1.2.3 version
769336 GroupWise Connector locks up and stops functioning
770690  "GroupWise attachment error" on devices on some emails