Fixes in Update 2
bug_id short_desc
570494 /etc/init.d/datasync should require root
587615 Email moved from junk folder to inbox won't sync to device.
590962 Contacts do not sync to correct category
596725 Browser redirects to an unnexisting path
597963 Connector instances need to get updated when rpms are updated.
598242 German HTC - Device does not work with SSL/Port 443
599795 Connector stops responding
601547 Work Zip code does not get synced. All other zip codes do get synced
604789 LDAP search has to be done twice after connection is lost.
606244 clicking on Add on the add user page w/o selecting a user returns Completed
607592 Would be nice to have an option to disable and enable few/all users in the Mobility Database
612588 Can't throw away items
612646 If connection from sync engine to connector is lost, sync engine doesn't reconnect.
612650 Syncengine is dead when database password has special characters
616455 Search Results should be in alphabetical order
617168 Duplicated App Name when a user is added from a Group
617176 User interface is not loaded to a user with spaces in its name
617543 Last connect time for the Device in Mobility Connector monitoring page
620954 GW connector should not allow all threads to get stuck trying to communicate with 1 poa.
621670 Downloading the device certificate doesn't work if don't use the self-signed certificate
622674 Forward e-mails with attachment from the device does not show the attachment
623480 Particular PDF file does not show as attachment on IPads
623928 Need an indicator on a device that an attachment has been dropped because of size.
628084 Deleting the alarm through GW does not sync to the device
630058 Unistall must ask if we really want to uninstall
632123 Mobility kills the last day of the recurring appointment that is created on the device
632889 Contact list and contacts are duplicated on Droid X
633226 Message attachments with multiple extensions do not sync
633751 Motorola Droid sets timestamp as 12/31/69 for all mail sync'd
635672 Events on subcalendar are not removed from the iPad
636341 We need to clean out folders that are not accessed by a device
636776 Modify, move, and delete events get dropped if the add for them does not arrive at the connector first.
637685 FolderSync doesn't work when folder eData contains carriage-return line-feed.
638369 Need to add support for MIMETruncation
638370 Display device last sync time in the monitor page
638990 Delayed sync to e72
639059 Mobility Audit seems to be out to date
639686 Shared Address books get downloaded to the mobility database of the Sharee
640589 Tasks should be disabled for the GW Connector for mobilty pack.
640646 "Conflict detected - deleting device event" causes Calendar items to stop - Error message 0x80820001
641378 Exception when adding a second device.
643318 Appointments accepted on device sends multiple notifications
644563 Novell Data Synchronizer cannot add users in containers with ampersand in the name
645155 Problem downloading attachments to the MC from the SE.
645550 Exception in GroupWise Connector while trying to create a folder
648207 Unblocking a device via web admin does not work
648208 State changes made while a user is blocked reblocks the user
648210 Re-initializing a user unblocks that user
648473 Getting an exception w/gw auth enabled flowing through ldap enabled poa
648698 A "validate" device is shown in the Monitoring page when a Nexus one is set
649036 Nightly Maintenance: Need to add summary information when maintenance is complete.
649079 Time range for nightly maintenance needs to be configurable.
649090 calendars sync to other devices but not to the gw client
649422 Stopping a mobility connector takes a long time.
649916 User-created contact/calendar folders need to be subordinate to the default contact/calendar folders
650016 Contacts events are not pushed to the device (Android)
650498 When a appt is accepted on the HTC Evo, it sends the comment in Base64 encoded.
650518 SendMail: When accepting an appt on the device, it always defaults to tentative.
650521 SendMail: If a user accepts an appt without a comment, a comment is sent anyway.
650775 GW Monitoring needs a "Time Behind" or something similar for the items coming from GW to the connector.
651143 SubCalendar events are not updating on the device in real time.
651158 Getting an exception moving email from Inbox to another folder
651353 Nightly Maintenance: If we ran into a problem on one folder, we stopped nightly maintenance for all folders.
651666 Nightly Maintenance: It is running thru the list of users more than one time.
652126 Nightly Maintenance: Need to be able to turn maintenance on and off
652165 Personal address Book sync fails if the GroupWise Domain Name contains an & symbol
652813 Exception when attachment filename contains Ext Characters
653129 With push enabled, my battery life is significantly lower after build 158 (I think).
654160 Attachments are not being cleaned up from the directory
654516 GroupWise Connector connects to only the First IP Address in the redirectToHost list
654774 Discussion Notes need to be enabled on the GW connector during an update.
654781 Ext Characters are not shown correctly in the dummy attachment