Fixed in
Update 3
bug_id short_desc
566219 Postgres configuration sometimes fails causing start to have failed status and startup to be very slow.
583431 Fax number do not Sync to the device
596692 On the sync engine monitoring page, some statistics are missing on some systems.
599695 Change uninstall script name from to
604891 error Verify of container 'cn=Mobility;o=novell' failed when trying to add group to install if group is empty
617642 Unchecking Secure checkbox in the Mobility Conector setting should switch the port to 80
621652 Device is sent authentication failure if database is down
628989 Posted calendar items marked "Private" right AFTER creation do not sync to mobile device
630391 When a folder is shared the notification is not removed from the device once it is accepted
630843 It can be problematic if you forget to remove the datasync software repository between installs.
632711 The editable fields should be disabled when creating new connector
633810 Sub calendar created after the initial sync does not sync as individual calendar
636727 [iOS 4.01 ] Adding contact Firstname Lastname to device results in Lastname, Firstname in GW
638375 Prevent devices from triggering intruder lockout after password is changed.
639609 Delete events from Sent folder do not sync to the device
647557 The GroupWise Connector does not process attachments uploaded to the SyncEngine
650530 Invalid heartbeat interval of 1370 for device error in log file from Samsung Fascinate
651158 Getting an exception moving email from Inbox to another folder
651816 Appointment modify events aren't being handled properly
652637 Percentages on the mobility monitoring pages are not updated when users are removed.
653770 Do we really need a "Edit Config" and "Engine Maintenance" actions for engines that go to the same place?
653872 Only the subject of messages is visible on Windows Mobile 7.0 devices
653874 After "Resync Device", all contacts are deleted from WM 6.1 & 6.5 devices and you cannot get them back.
654241 User added to a connector via group is not deleted from the connector once he is removed from a group.
654970 Need a way to clean up old orphaned attachments in the Datasync
655218 Tool tip of Delete icon is improper in Engine Configuration page
655329 Browse for container does not get updated if the LDAP source is changed
655383 Accepting/Declining an AD shared keeps the notification at the inbox
655423 Actions column displayed improperly in the User Self Admin
655522 Block contact notes from syncing as normal reminder notes.
655687 If any field include the searching word, they would be searched out
656774 Birthday set on mobile device is 1 day earlier on GroupWise
657191 Monitoring: Need to another value: 'Sync Engine Events Failed in Conversion by Connector'
657371 Sub-Calendars not being synchronized.
657681 Mark a mail as private on GroupWise, the same mail was marked as unread on iTouch
657748 Exception when trying to connect an andoid emulator
657766 Exception when an Android device is set.
658671 Attachments fail to download from Sync Engine to Mobility Connector
659259 GroupWise Connector does not download the attachment from GroupWise completely
659492 Unable to sync calendar - causes excessive battery drain
659602 DataSync_101_LOC : FR Untranslated text on Audit Users page
659618 DataSync_101_LOC : All LangsGlobal Audit and Global Settings buttons are shown on Connector Options page for non-admin user
659710 Droid 2 Device needs help while pulling down mails older than 3 days when sync for ALL is selected
660040 MAximum attachment size is not working properly
660234 We should reconsider our default logrotate settings.
660247 Windows Mobile devices not syncing, error "0x85010014"
660504 Contact not synchronized when Messenger ID is numbers
660671 Changes/Deletion to birthday on a device do not sync to GW
660688 Setting the Anniversary date on a device shows up one day later in GW Client
661532 Birthday's and Anniversary's were not syncing to iPhones when created in GW Client
661537 When I create a birthday or anniversary in the GW client, it appears one day in the future on the device.
662617 rcpostgresql start -could not start server.
662853 Remove "mobility Status" section of mobility monitor page
663075 If a user fails the initial sync, block devices from getting data.
663111 Disable reinitialize and resync if a new user that has not completed the initial sync.
663113 If a user has not completed the initial sync, block device access.
663720 Windows Mobile 7 exception when syncing
663852 Events are being dropped by the pipeline because they are sent multiple times
663887 Mails moved wihtin nested Folder on Groupwise are not getting synchronized according to folder stucture within Inbox.
663889 On moving mail from Inbox -> Folder -> Inbox on Mobile device, the mail gets Deleted from mobile.
664079 Calendar events created on Device don't sync over to GW
664092 Samsung Focus stop to sync
664784 Add the icon and link for the market place for FCS
665187 Deleting the users from all the connectors does not delete files from /var/lib/datasync/syncengine
666718 Devices are continually asking for more data
667738 Mobility Appinterface log file while doing GroupWise Authentication does not show the user name