3. Document Generator: New Features

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1. Document Selected Items

You can now specify which portion or portions of the project you would like included in the generated document.  You can select Domains, Identity Vaults, Driver Sets, Drivers, and Applications using the Designer Modeler or Outline view (use Ctrl-Click to select multiple items).  Then right click and select "Document Selection..."

Note that by default, documenting Applications will include the related Driver (and its related objects).  Likewise, documenting a specific Driver will include its related application; however, this behavior can be changed in the Preferences (see below).

By selecting items to be documented, some items are automatically implied.  For example, selecting a Domain, Identity Vault, or DriverSet will automatically include the direct children under that Item.  Also, direct parents to the selected items will be included to give context to the selected objects.

2. International Language Support

Double-byte and international language support has been added to Document Generator through a configuration file. In the future, this will be simplified; but for now, the following will work:

1) Go to the <install location>/Designer/eclipse/plugins/com.novell.designer.idm.docgen.processor/fonts directory.
2) Open the fop.xconf file.
3) Uncomment the font-base tag and change the font location to where your font is installed.
     For example: <font-base>C:\myfontDirectory\</font-base>
     Note:The font-base directory should contain the font file (.ttc or .ttf) and the metric file (.xml).
4) Generate metrics file from font file
     Go to <install location>/Designer/eclipse/plugins/com.novell.designer.idm.docgen.processor/fonts directory.
     For TTC Font file,
          Run generate-metric-from-ttc file batch file or the equivalent shell script on Linux.
          For Example: generate-metrics-from-ttc.bat "MS Gothic" C:\myfontDirectory\msgothic.ttc C:\myfontDirectory\msgothic.xml
     For TTF Font file,
          Run generate-metric-from-ttf.bat file or the equivalent shell script on Linux.
          For Example: generate-metric-from-ttf.bat C:\myfontDirectory\simhei.ttf c:\myfontDirectory\simhei.xml
5) Uncomment the font tag.
     Change the metrics-url attribute to point to the metrics xml file.
     Change the embed-url attribute to point to the metrics xml file.
6) Run Document Generator.

Note: Using the above steps will change the font globally in the rendered document.

3. RTF Support

Although in an experimental phase, you can now generate documents to RTF. Some of the table column widths, etc. may not be quite just right, but since it's in RTF format, you can quickly go through and get things looking just the way you want.

Be sure to enable the pre-release functionality in preferences.

You will then be able to select the RTF format when creating documents.


4. Capturing Model Diagrams on Mapped-Drive Projects

Document Generator will now capture model diagrams on workspaces that are located on Network drives.

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