12. Provisioning Request Definition Editor: New Features

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1. Import and Deploy

Import and deploy Provisioning Request Definitions (i.e. work flows) from and to the User Application Driver in the Identity Vault.

2. Modify existing IDM 3.0 User Application work flows

You can now modify all aspects of existing work flows or work flow templates in the context of the full IDM Designer environment.

3. Visual Work Flow Design

You are no longer bound by the 19 work flow template patterns supplied with IDM 3.0. You can now create any arbitrary work flow topology that matches your specific provisioning needs using drag and drop tools in a graphical environment.

4. Forms Editor

You now have control over the layout and design of forms used for starting work flows and approval steps in work flows. You can also create and re-use form templates to speed up work flow design and creation. Use any Data Abstraction Layer data and user application visual controls to build your forms including Date Pickers, DN Pickers, Check boxes, Text Areas, etc. Preview your forms before deploying them for testing.

5. New Entity Activity

The new Entity Activity allows work flow based data management (add, change, delete) of any Identity Vault objects and attributes exposed through the Directory Abstraction Layer. For instance, you can create a work flow whose objective is to add a user to a group in the directory or modify a person's title.

6. Sophisticated Work Flow Data Management

Pre and post activity Data Item Mappings allow you to access and manipulate work flow, activity, and arbitrarily created data using the full capabilities of the ECMAScript language. This capability includes making calls to and getting returns from Java for special processing.

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